Billy Hutchinson joined Dalkey Writers Workshop in 2004, and with the support of the members discovered his ability to create poetry. He writes prose and poetry, and has pieces included in the three anthologies by the group. Over the years he has contributed substantially to the building of the group. He is also a stage actor with Square One Threatre Group, Bray. In his everyday career he is a Humanist Celebrant, conducting marriages, funerals and baby namings.



she leans

framed by the tangerine door

her juicy sweetness

round and ripe


facing the fire

hot burning embers

fruit of life

waits within





steps to the hearth


where he waits

inhaling the scene

wearing only

an intoxicated stare


the gap closes

floorboards moan

and sparks fly


Her and It


She leans on me

and I catch her purfume

it revives memories of her mother

I’ve been in this house

for a long time

can no longer remember

when I stood tall

in a wood with my kin

these are now my family


I stand in this grand room

which held many meals

supported gallon drinks

milk spilled with sticky hands

young feet danced on me

I have the wonderful scars

the stains

from life’s passage

in good and bad times


once I tasted blood

another time hot love

today I feel a tear

as my owner

reads a long letter

one day I might hear what it said

but for now

my mahogony heart

must do its wooden duties